Purple Shampoo

Heather didn’t know what she would do with herself. She had recently dyed her black hair a nice coat of blonde. For the first few weeks her hair was dyed normally no problems whatsoever. Eventually though she woke up one morning to her being a rather yellow color and when she looked in the mirror it wasn’t only yellow. It was also super brassy. She needed to figure this out a solution to make her blonde hair look more natural more normal. So she looked up online what to do and all of her sources concluded one thing. Use purple shampoo (Reviewed by Maple Holistics).

So Heather decided she needed to find a place to buy some good purple shampoo. She wasn’t necessarily set on any specific brands of purple shampoo. All she knew was that she wanted some good quality purple shampoo to just get rid of the brassy hair that she was experiencing. She could have ordered off of Amazon.com yet she realized that she couldn’t do the overnight shipping to get the purple shampoo that she wanted it was way way way to expensive completely out of her price range. If she did the normal seven to fourteen shipping days for delivery via Amazon though the delivery time would be way to long. So she made the decision that she had to go and get the purple shampoo the old fashioned way. She would have to check all of the local stores. Including Target, Rite Aid, CVS. Fortunate for her there were plenty of those types of stores just a twenty minute drive from her family’s house. So that is exactly what she did. Heather first went to Rite Aid to see if they sold any purple shampoo there. Nothing. She then went to CVS. Again she asked the first person at the front counter and nobody had the foggiest of when there would be purple shampoo available in their store and more importantly that they didn’t have it right that second. So Heather hoped that Target would be her savior and have the purple shampoo that she needed. So she went to Target. She closely checked to see if Target had any purple shampoo in the shampoo aisle. Once again no purple shampoo there. Then Heather decided she only had one more option. She decided maybe to hit up Wal Mart. So she hit up Wal Mart and it looked like they had no purple shampoo either. She then tryed one last store. Shampoo World. This place would definetly have. Sure enough Heather was right. Shampoo world had plenty of purple shampoo so Heather decided to buy a ton of it. She then applied the purple shampoo for the first time the night after she bought it. When two weeks had passed she started to see a lot of great results.

The purple shampoo had really been highly effective for Heather. It made her hair look great and blonde. It was a normal blonde though and this made her very happy.

The end!

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